Monday , January 25 2021

Salo takes over AIK Hockey – a Gozzi steps down to the booth

After failing to apply to SHL, AIK will be able to stand for continuous play in Hockeyallsvenskan.

And on Monday the club introduced changes in the leadership team around the team. Tomas Mitell (head coach), Peter Nylander and Jeff Jakobs (assistant coach) and Robin Danielsson (goalkeeper) can leave. The Mitell contract was the main trainer for a year with an option for another, that option doesn't use the club.

The new head coach will be Jusso Salo, who takes the step up from the J20 team. The contract will be written over the next two terms.

– Although I leave the junior hockey, I will work on the same philosophy. We will stand for offensive hockey with high control and speed. In addition, I strive to work close to the players so they can feel they are involved in developing themselves and the game, says Jusso Salo.

AIK Chief Executive, Anders Olson, comments on the decision: t

– We have to start building a team almost entirely new as many players will disappear because they are attractive to other clubs. We will, of course, do everything we can to try to keep those we want and keep them. Jusso's strengths are that he worked closely and much with younger players, he's good at developing individuals. If we want to have more young players in our team, then it comes naturally, says Anders Olson.

It is also clear that AIK is writing a new three-year contract with the sports director Anders Gozzi.

– We have made an evaluation and have come to the conclusion that it is important to keep Anders Gozzi a sports manager. We are creating a sequence and we think it is doing a good job, says CEO Anders Olson.

Gozzi will also act as an assistant coach, a role he also had in the 2015–16 season.

– It will be good and natural, Anders feels safe and comfortable with the roles split, says Olson.

The club has a difficult economy, something DN has rewritten earlier. If AIK Ishockey AB cannot show SEK 2 million equity on the last April, you cannot meet the requirements for an elite license and then threaten degradation to the Hockey Line.

Is this a solution because of the financial situation you are in?

– No came but it was clear that it had meaning. We have to become more cost effective in everything we do and then it comes so that a person can do many things. But basically, the most important thing is that we believe that these people are most suitable for the jobs.

How does the nearest work look?

– For us in control, we are mainly concerned with working with the economy and ensuring that we have capital of at least two million on last April. We will also appoint people to vacancies. Then we start looking at recruiting players and continuing discussions with those who played in the team this season, says Anders Olson.

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