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Salétros' first start – on the edge: "Tell him to make his own interpretation"


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The player sees highlights of a meeting with the AFC.

Solna. Anton Salétros had to make his first start in the All Sweden Championship in 2019 against AFC.
As wings.
– I told him: "Make your interpretation in the role," explains coach Rikard Norling.

Until summer, Anton Salétros is an AIK player, on loans from Russian Rostov. So far this year, however, he was allowed to act as an observer in the All Sweden Championship. But on Saturday, the 23-year-old man, who is usually a central midfielder, got the chance of the start for the first time in the series this season. Then as wings.

Salétros played 69 minutes and was involved in the three goals (AIK won 2-1). First he arranged a penalty and then beat the post which gave 2-0 before losing a ball in a way that led to the conversion of AFC and goal back.

– I spoke to him before the game and said, "Make your interpretation on that role, don't do it to someone else. Do it yourself and see what it is leading." 39 (AFC 2-1), then he was really good, and said AIK coach, Rikard Norling, about Salétros.

The main character himself says he has no problem playing back in the AIK 3-5-2 system.

– I play where the trainer gives me, so I tried to make the most of the situation, says Salétros.

Rikard at the conference told the press that he had spoken to you that you should make your own "interpretation" of the role. What do you think of how to take that role?
– I went in and raised a ball centrally at times, so I'm doing what I think is looking right in the situation that exists. Sometimes it's ok to stay on the edge and then I do, sometimes it's ok to go into the middle and then I do. I always try to think and negotiate with the other fellow members, see what they're doing and then do the opposite so that we always fill all the different play surfaces t .

What can you do for strengths in your game in that role?
– It depends on how the image of the game looks. In this game I had to get some jobs and record behind. I think it worked very fine. Otherwise, I'll look at it from the game to match. I try to do that as well as I can.

As previously mentioned, Salétros was injured in connection with the Football Club's 2-1 goal, but he explains that there is no danger with him before Derby against Djurgården next Sunday.

– I landed a bit strange on my clip, but it's quiet, says Salétros.

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