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S-areas regarding the requirements of Annie Lööf's requirements

Plaid leader of the Annie Lööf Center has sent a list of requirements to Stefan Löfven. The list contains several points that leader C wants S to agree with – in return for the introduction of Löfven as prime minister.

"It's time for Social Democrats to admit color. If you can accept the demands of the Party Party, we are ready to consider releasing it as prime minister, said Annie Lööf to Expressen earlier today.

First Minister, Stefan Löfven, said earlier on Tuesday that he was good at the "move on" process.

So the S areas stand for the Annie Lööf requirements

A round call to the area of ​​the Social Democrats party shows that many are positive about the fact that concrete talks have started.

"So far, we have not spoken a matter policy in this government, so it's good to start discussing that in order to bring together cross-border co-operation. One step forward, said Åsa Johansson, Chair of the Värmland S. area.

At the same time, he believes that if the requirements are not discussed, it will be hard to go longer.

"He feels he's a party party party as a whole and it's obviously hard. I hope this is a record to start talking about business politics and getting something that can both be seen. Now, we can discuss the content and see what we can agree on. Then, I do not think that it will happen as this requirement looks like now, says Åsa Johansson.

Anna-Lena Sörensson (S), chairman of the Östergötland party area, welcomes the clarity of the conversation – but he thinks it will be difficult to meet several points as they look at this moment.

"Personally, I think it's pretty difficult," he said.

"Fighting labor law and conditions of employment"

Anna-Lena Sörensson says "may" meet smaller workplace rates and companies and liberalization of the housing market and labor market, stating that they have never been against freedom of choice in wellbeing

The most difficult will be to reduce peripheral taxes, revised tourism rules, rent rentals and lower access pay for new jobs.

"Core values ​​of this sort are difficult for us, but everything depends on how to make it of course. Personally, I see that we can meet in a few. But I think this is says Labor Law and conditions of employment are very difficult for us, "said Anna-Lena Sörensson.

Social Democrats are the chairman of the Jämtland area, Anna-Caren Sätherberg, writing in comment:

"Annie Lööf wanted to discuss a business policy as a probation person. I'll see what the Center Party wants to hold a dialogue with us and we will see what it can lead."

The second class chair is positive but a little about the list of Annie Lööf's requirements.

"We have the leadership of the managing party and the discussions. We think it's good to talk to each other. This week is essential for how we can shaping and future. Alternatively, we do not have any comments at this moment, "said chairman of the Västerbotten Isak From area.

Blekinge S Area: "The voters want"

Patrik Björck, Chair of the Social Democrats in Skaraborg:

– It's good that discussions continue between the parties, but we are not discussing it in the media, but we are discussing the internal and the parties that we are talking about.

"There's no comment yet, it's good that concrete talks have started," writes Ulf Olsson, chairman of S Sddra Älvsborg area.

"Good to worry, conditionally, I refer to the leadership of the party," writes Åsa Lindestam, chairman of the Gävleborg S.

Heléne Björklund is the chairman of Blekinge and writes in an email that there is a need for cross-border co-operation to resolve the situation in custody.

"It's also what voters want, I believe. And there's a good clearer focus on politics and not just on political strategies and games. I do not know how it's; These discussions require land, but it is positive that discussions are now about the content of the policy. "

The Deputy Chair of the Social Democrats in Nalarna, Fyrbodal, Gotland, Gothenburg, Jönköping, Uppsala, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sörmland and Västmanland have refused to comment on the Annie Lööf requirements list.

Expressen has tried unsuccessful to the Democrat area chairman for Gothenburg, Halland, Kalmar, Kronoberg, Norrbotten, Skåne, Västernorrland and Örebro.

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