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Risk groups that are at risk when the flu vaccine has expired


An unusual number has chosen to vaccinate against seasonal flu this year. So many people think the vaccine is about to end. For those who belong to a risk group and have not yet vaccinated, it can mean that they can not be without them.

  • Published 14:46, 21 Nov 2018

This year, the Västra Götaland region chose to procure a vaccine that protects against four species of virus rather than three as it has been in previous years. Since the vaccination started on November 6, much more than a choice was chosen to vaccinate. A few days ago, the procurement vaccine came to an end and it was replaced by a corresponding vaccine that is currently in operation.

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"Many people who have already vaccinated, but for those who belong to a risk group and have not done so, there is a risk that the vaccine will not be enough," said Gunilla Ockborn, Infection Surgery .

Does this mean that healthy people finish the vaccine at the expense of sick people?

– Here are the risk groups created by the vaccine. There is a vaccine that exists to reduce the risk that a person in a risk group becomes seriously ill. This is not a problem for the whole people. But it can be a problem for individuals, said Gunilla Ockborn.

Many healthcare centers have doses in their homes so that one of the risk groups has the opportunity to vaccinate. If you belong to a risk group and would be sick, there is also help.

– There are medicines that you can give to reduce symptoms if it is introduced early. Then contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

What can you do to avoid getting infected?

"It can be difficult, but it's about not revealing yourself to sick people, avoiding large indoor crowds and washing their hands carefully. There is no guarantee, but on any when you reduce the risk.

So far, flu of the year has not become really serious, either in Gothenburg, in the county or in the whole country.

"But we're also very early in the season," said Gunilla Ockborn.

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