Wednesday , May 25 2022

Requirements for stopping whole eelfish – News


environment Many environmental organizations are now trying to end huge sea fishing. Global Fund WWF, the Baltic Nature Conservation and Coalition Society have written an open letter to the joint government, requiring Sweden to campaign for a comprehensive EU eel fishing stand.

"The eel's situation is still critical of survival of the species. It's worrying that just a hundred percent of it was 1970," said WWF General Secretary , Håkan Wirtén, in a press release.

Before the salmon fishing season of the year, the EU decided to fish over 12 centimeters for three consecutive months in the period September 2018-January 2019. In Sweden, there is a stop between November 1 and 31st January. According to environmental organizations, it's fishy like at least eels.

Letters have letters about the government to explain the mission of the Sea and Water Authority so that future fishing restraints are set so that they have the greatest impact on the stock of prey.

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