Wednesday , March 3 2021

Reliable after a striking start: "Could not Talk" – Pages

Hans Örebro almost doubled so many incidents when the team met on Thursday, despite winning Luleå Hockey.

"They play very disciplined, and they are extremely compact as teams. So it's hard to get inside, says Christopher Mastomäki.

Then it continues:

"At the same time, Joel Lassinantti was very good. You can not expect him to save as many shots every game.

He believes that Djurgården is the board trip and the best team that has met. At the same time, it does not interfere with the performance of the Norrbottens.

"The series is even and there are many teams that can take gold – but they can not talk about the points they've taken, and the board does not lie," says Christopher Mastomäki.

Växjö's award-winning champions – who is currently in the sixth place in the table – is one of the few teams that Lule Hockey had not won this season.

In the first game, lost 2-3, after an extension, and in the second with a loss 1-2.

But Växjö-back Daniel Rahimi holds Luleå Hockey high.

"They're fine," he says, adding:

"Maybe it's not a fun game, but Luleå is working hard on the track and it's very up to date. It seems they've been trained & # 39; Well, I believe that Thomas Berglund has a great deal in their successes, but if they hit top over time, they probably have a few station percentage.

Brynäs has also met the Luleå Hockey Times this season. Norrbotten decided late in both games.

"They have had some flow and decided a number of games late – and the series is even, they've been lying if it was not for it," said Lukas Kilström.

Then it's going on:

– But it's very good. There were not many people who thought they would reach the series after 20 rounds.

He himself has been awarded Thomas Berglund as a coach, and he believes he has had a great deal of Luleå Hockey's success.

"They have a good basic game and do not let them go special for many jobs from two to one and three to two, so you can not have so many good opportunities for each game against them. And because they do not release so much goals, they do not have to do any special to win, "said Lukas Kilström.

Footnotes: Corsist statistics show how much percentage of the total number of attacks a team has.

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