Wednesday , January 20 2021

Pressed Mora drove over Leksand

oThomas Ross, Oscar Rickstrand

Mora won the goal game against Leksand.

Afterwards, Mora Mats Lusth instructs a strict criticism of Leksand.

– I was ashamed of death if I stayed on that, he said.

After straight losses, Arena Ja Jalas went with Leksand's knife against the neck.

If there was a loss, the games series on the SHL site would be 3–0 to Leksand.

No team in Swedish hockey has turned a disadvantage of such a series of games.

How did Mora respond to the fragile situation?

With great overrun.

"Rattles on"

While the first phase was smooth, Mora scored four goals in six minutes.

– We mix there in others. It is probably a bit retrospective dividend from the first period, according to Mora Mats Lusth instructor.

Leksand would decrease twice, 4-2, but when Mathias Bromé awarded five for Mora, the case had finished.

5–2 in Jalas Arena and 2–1 to Leksand in the games series.

– Nice match. It is important for us to reduce, or otherwise it would have been difficult here, says Lusth that he is not satisfied with how the opponents have appeared in the games series.

"Put fucking in that"

We believe that several players in Leksand are trying to cheat the judges with filming.

– You are beginning to recognize Leksand since last year. When it is a bit difficult and goes against it, they try to dive a little extra and reinforce the situations. I told the judges that he would be awake, but he wasn't awake.

If you had players who strengthened the team, what would you say then?

– Boost that. Our hockey we play.

What makes some hockey players strengthen and film?

– I can't answer that. I was ashamed of death if I stayed on that.

On Wednesday, the team hit the Arena Tegera in Leksand.


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