Saturday , May 28 2022

Petter Northug chooses herself – opens up


Last year, Petter Northug was angry with the petition of opening the World Cup.

This year, he seems himself. And open to finish a career before Christmas.

"I can not get training now, it can be over before Christmas," he said at a press conference.

Last year, the Olympic hunters, Petter Northug, were extremely angry when the national team fought him right for the first player in Ruka.

This year, the superstar is back in the national team – but the training has gone so badly for Northug already being chosen to launch himself from the initial World Cup competitions before the national national premium at Beitostolen.

"I know I will not go to Ruka. I do not even want that, I do not think. It's important that I'm going to the World Cup before Christmas," he told NRK, adding later to a press conference that the whole season was in danger:

– Should I go There's a 80-90 Tour de Ski man you do not thank you first. I think it'll be very difficult to reach the World Cup.

"Historically bad"

The background is the boring summer training where the disease of the next disease was eliminated.

"I'll know what is needed to succeed and I have not done that work this year. I've lost 250 training hours this summer, which is 80-90 percent of what we have & # 39: to practice. The shape is historically bad. Should I go quickly this year, I have to be fortunate, he told NRK.

At the press conference after the NRK interview, it opens to complete the whole career if it does not start working better before Christmas holidays.

"If I can not get training now, it can be over before Christmas. Then I've walked in the same route several times and then there is no point to continue, he says, according to Dagbladet.

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