Thursday , August 11 2022

Perhaps more followers "Game of Throne" – Pages


TV Fantasy writer George R R Martin says there are two different sequences to the TV success of “A game of throne” in progress, writing The Wrap. Only three chapters are left of the world's most successful series, and there will be a sequence that will happen before the plot in the original, with the actor Naomi Watts one of the main roles, starting to be recording this summer.

George R R Martin writes in his blog that HBO originally ordered five different follow-up offers, two of which are still in the scripting stage.

"What they are about to say, I may not say, but some of you may collect a copy of" Fire and blood "and think about your theories," he writes and refers to his "book fiction history "about the world around" ice and fire ".

HBO's program manager last summer said there are no plans to develop a more prequel or pre-ordered series, but has not commented on the information in George R R.'s recent blog post.

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