Wednesday , July 6 2022

Pahkinen virpit with Polygon Monolith in Kulturhuset Stadsteatern


VPahkinen can go back on a long career as a soloist and as a larger scale choreographer. She has undoubtedly created her universe and succeeds in constantly renewing herself. He has landed at Klarascenen at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern along with a distinctive core group: Pontus Sundet Granat, Philip Sundset Granat, Thibault Monnier and Hui-Han Hu Gustavsson. They have devoted themselves to the style of Pahkin without becoming bluebirds, adding their own wishes and their colors to the dance. Twenty-two students from the Ballet Academy career line form a "choir" at the hour-long dance work. It's valuable for them to know about Pahkin's remarkable art and take part in the process of creating to perform.

New work "Polygon Monolith" take advantage of the way the previous "Deep time" ends in its intensive audit of time and space. Initially, everyone is on the floor, like the black mobile city. Light light sweeps over the bodies. Suddenly, Jonas Sjöblom's music suddenly has a sudden accent, dancers roll over the side in distinctive straps. The long intake is great after structuring and rhythmic. Beautiful. You get the impression of individuals who have participated in bulk. Or that the god is restated.

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