Wednesday , May 25 2022

Nylanders' fate days – more money is needed


What is New Zealand contract status?

The rookie Sweden agreement went ahead this summer and is a free limited agent, which means that Toronto has the rights to it. The rookie contract includes thanks for how much you can earn, now Nylander is free to ask as much as he wants.

Where are the parties?

Nothing is public, but rumors say that the parties are now approaching each other. Toronto has initially offered around 6.5 million dollars a year (about 59 million), while the Nylander Camp – who wants a long contract – has asked $ 8 million (about 72 million). This weekend, Sportsnet Canada said the parties are about to reach around $ 7 million.

How much is Nylander worth?

It's good where there are shoe clocks – there's no point in it. Nylander scored two full and east NHL terms in 61 points in both of them. Last year he was three in the internal scoring team and the potential of the 22-year-old is outdoors. A number of them compare with the Czech star of Barcelona with David Pastrnak – they are friends and play together in Södertälje – and last year, he signed a six-year contract worth £ 6.66 million a year.

What is Toronto limited?

The pay tag and all the talents. This problem is not this season and the club has $ 17 million in payroll, but the next will be prey. During this summer, the rookie contract goes out to Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, who scored the two points more than Sweden last year. Toronto wants to keep these two as much as they want to keep Newlands. In addition to a number of additional talents such as Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson whose contract also ends. So Toronto must keep up with the money.

What are the options?

The closing date is Saturday on 23 Sweden time. If there is no clear agreement, Nylander will not be able to play at NHL this season. Then the superforwarden, who has been training with AIK's youth during the fall, will end the remainder of the season at KHL where Avangard Omsk owns his rights, Switzerland NLA, SHL or simply gets free. But the problem is just about the future because it is still in Toronto. The classic NHL club can also be replaced, but in that case, it would be guessed to have reverse back in return because it is already offensive.

How does Toronto go?

There are two disappointing camps and want Maple Leafs to replace Nylander and those who would like the club to be repaired to increase the chance of the Stanley Cup victory. Toronto is a best team without Nylander, but with the Swedes in the team there is a great chance to win the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1967.

What is the tip?

The languages ​​in recent days have been positive, and many suggest that the parties will reach an agreement before Saturday.

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