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Niki Lauda died – Formula 1's profile was 70 years old


The F1 legend has fallen asleep

Photo: NEWS OFFICE Luca Bruno / TT

oSebastian Laneby

Niki Lauda has died.

The profile of Formula 1 was 70 years old.

"With deep grief, we now announce that our beloved Niki has died," the family wrote.

He has been praised for his three World Cup titles.

But also for the reappearance after the horrific accident in the Nürburgring in August 1976.

Lauda then got 27 years old, a cord and the car was thrown into the railway. He then exploded before leaving on the road again and was hit by two other drivers.

Despite severe burns, Austria only put weeks in its Ferrari weeks after being called one of the worst accidents in F1's sporting history.

After his time Niki Lauda was the manager of a Jaguar racing stand and chairman of the F1 Mercedes team.

In 1993 he was elected to the International Motor Sports Hall of Fame.

It is also well known from the movie "Rush" which is based on the battle between Lauda and the contestant James Hunt.

"Will be lost"

Lauda has been seriously ill of the front and was forced to transplant lung last year. In 1997 and 2005, he had two kidney transplants.

An announcement is passed in a press release by the family.

"With deep grief, we are now announcing that our beloved Niki has died silently on Monday with his family", writing the family and continuing: t

"His unique achievements as an athlete and entrepreneur are and will be unforgettable, his relentless hunger for action, his simplicity and his courage continue."

The family describes the F1 legend as a "role model".

"He was a loving husband, father and grandfather outside the public and will be lost".

Niki Lauda was 70 years old.

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