Thursday , January 20 2022

N7 day! Mass Effect: Andromeda gets an Xbox One X gift in a gift


Congratulations, Mass Effect. Today is the N7 day and we are celebrating the forum to talk about good memories from the Bioware sci-fi saga. Most people are not good at all Mass Effectmemories are synonymous with them Andromeda, the fourth part of last year that quickly became black sheep and the series.

Now, at least, the game has been pumped up to 4K on the Xbox One X, when the 1.68 GB X patch was cut in this way during the N7 day. This year, there may not be a lot to celebrate. Although Bioware has teams that work on more Mass Effect (a Dragon Age) Focus focuses now anthem.

But then? Dragon Age 4? Mass Effect 5? We're probably not counting Andromeda 2, er …

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