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More common death disease – Public warnings – News in Öland – 24 hours a day


The incredible disease can affect half a million pounds. By 2017, about 3,000 Italians died of the disease, which is almost 13 times more than in traffic accidents. Coal is described as one of the main public diseases today, where the symptoms are often sneaky – and fight against the lungs and respiratory tract.

"Having a COPD diagnosis is a staggering for many, one sees how slow and slowly falls, sitting in front of the TV with oxygen gas. But this disease looks so different. You understand her illness, what it means to me and how I can improve my situation, "said Peter Hasselrot, who is participating in the 10th century COPD process.

The non-profit organization Heart and the Foundation Lungs warn younger to start smoking.

"Early smoking barriers are a major risk factor, and so it is very important to encourage young people not to start smoking. Preventing smoking causes a constant lack of lung function – which is ; n contribute significantly to better quality of life, however, no-one who suffers from the disease smokes, more than 10 percent have COPD ever smoked, "writes on the website.

The disease is unbearable, but with an early diagnosis, the patient can change their habits and thereby slow down and relieve COPD symptoms.

– Changing live habits, such as giving up smoking and more exercise, can contribute to high quality of life. This, of course, we want to help our patients achieve, but they need to take part, "said Colonel Nurse Monica Ståhl Skyttberg.

The doctor and the coal researcher Björn Ställberg explains when it's time to ask for help.

– If you have cyclical infections in the respiratory tract, you have a continuous cough of smoking or have a breath of breath that has moved on, maybe for many years. You may not be able to go up on that hill that you will use without stopping and resting, then you should apply to a health center, he said to Expressen.

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