Friday , October 30 2020

Minister calls Danish swimmers to meet

Amanda Lindh invites Sarah Sjöström to a meeting about how the coaches behaved in the national team? Well, that is not the case. However, something is happening in that style at present in Denmark. The Culture Minister, Mette Bock, is taking part in a daily topic in the swimming sport.

Danish Culture Minister Mette Bock, vv, calls swimmers from Denmark to meet on training methods. Photography Peter Hove Olesen / AP / TT

Our swimming isn't quiet just like in the Danish national team pools. Instead, a storm has come in. Documentary Swimming Stars – Under the surface (Simstjärnar – under the surface), sent by state TV, DR, has caused the waves to go high, with peaks that have reached Culture Culture Minister t Denmark.

In the documentary, a number of elite swimmers came to the fore and talked about a stunning training culture, public pressure, shame and little use of old fashioned sports language. Much of this went on until 2012.

Is there any leftover food left? How is the Sims? We think of Culture Minister Mette Bock and call Danish elite swimmers to meet.

She has received reports from, among other things, the Danish Sim Association on the general training culture, but Bock wants to know more and has also called the union a conversation.

– I am very interested in the Sims and their conditions. I would like to pink them because they have gone on. But I have some extra questions in relation to the reports that have come to the obvious. So I have called for a meeting on Monday, Bock said to Denmark Ritzau news agency.

– I would like to be sure how to accept the criticism. Are you going to use them constructively? And what does the organization do to find future solutions? It is important that you do not go to a defense situation and see it as accusations against the union. This is about people's lives. Therefore, it should be safe for athletes to say whether they have experienced something cross-border. It is also very important to note that what they say is taken seriously, says Mette Bock.

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