Monday , August 15 2022

Manchester United spreads garlic on Old Trafford grass


oDaniel Sörensen

A secret weapon to the Liverpool Summit?

Manchester United is signed by garlic spray over Old Trafford lawn.

The trend now spreads across England.

Two days after Liverpool's Premier League re-league visited the top of the Manchester United board at the classic competitive meeting between England's two most successful clubs.

The home team's planning officer then agrees to prepare the grass in Old Trafford in a somewhat odd way.

As well as watering the grass, they also spray small patches with crushed garlic.

The question that everyone is asking now is: "Why so?"

"Italian restaurant reminder"

The method is to kill parasites that may otherwise destroy the grass.

According to the British press, a number of teams in the Premier League have been used by this girlfriend.

"The garlic method effectively removes the parasites, but the smell inside the sand is reminiscent of an Italian restaurant," a source of the sun.


Picture of Sky Sports.

Visiting the mythology

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is now hoping that the trick can take a little against Liverpool team in the fight for four top league.

Prior to the game, former Sir Alex Ferguson's coach is invited into the dressing room of the team – it may even be possible to have his players tagged further.

– I do not think if he (Ferguson) wants to bring a snack with the players before the game. It meant so much to change it in the number of titles. I believe that our players know what it means to meet Liverpool, says Solskjaer.

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