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Live 20.00: Follow the finals of the Tre Kronor World Cup quarter against Finland

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Finland had no regular NHL players in their team, 18 of the players were World Cup beginners and none of them had won the World Cup gold.

In Tre Kronor there were 21 NHL players and 18 World Cup gold medals.

That comparison is enough to understand that Sweden is a big favorite in the quarter finals of the World Cup on Thursday in Kosice.

But paper merit does not always reflect the present.

When FinlandWith the exception of the last group game against Germany, during the group play he was very surprised, Sweden had problems on the way to the playoffs.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson was then disappointed.

– It's heavy and empty, he said.

– They hungry a little than we do.

When the Finnish players took the finals that were full of self-confidence and with the feeling that they had everything to win, there was some uncertainty among the acreage and knowledge that they had everything to do. lost.

– We feel we have had to fight and fight the whole tournament, says Federator Captain Rikard Grönborg.

The game was even all the way until the decision was made, and Sakari Manninen decided two minutes to the extension, the fishery in Sweden was a fact.

– We did not come up in our game in our own domain. We made it very easy for them. Losing in the quarter is never fun. We wanted to play the final, says Oliver Ekman-Larsson.

Tre Kronor started a nightmare on the game.

That's not just Niko Mikkola has given the Finnish lead after just one minute. The problem was that it was also a goal that went far behind Henrik Lundqvist.

Starting Heavy Swedish, but expelled from Finland after just over two minutes played the result.

John Klingberg made the important goal 1-1, and William Nylander's instant straight through the box to John Klingberg was a real pleasure to see.

He stressed which 23-year-old gaming genius Nylander is. Assistants meant that William Nylander touched Nisse Nilsson's 18 point score from the 1962 World Cup.

Finland was the best team in the first half of the period, but Sweden played up in the second half without saying they played very well.

At the end of the period, Tre Kronor also had the bouncers with them.

With three minutes left of the time, Finland hit back through the post to the 2-1 goal, which Patric Hörnqvist was awarded. And when Tre Kronor started a nightmare in the first period, they had a dream start in the other.

Only 25 seconds was played when Elias Pettersson showed a striking shot to the class that led to 3–1.

Then everyone looked bright with the eyes of Sweden, but we quickly swing like hockey.

Pic changed the direction set by Henrik Lundqvist and 2-3 was a fact, and five minutes later, the back Janni Hakanpää recognized the view of Lundqvist that he had not had a chance to see.

In the rest of the period, Finland was the best team, but with 25 seconds left, Erik Gustafsson had a rocky goal which gave Sweden a lead.

Of course, an important psychological goal, and that feeling also steals the acreage through many of the third phase.

But this, as I said, was a game between a scared team and a team with nothing to lose.

When Finland went out the goalkeeper with two minutes left of regular time, the goal came. And by the way, they didn't even need two minutes to decide.

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