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Less choosing charters and domestic trips


Since 2009, the airline has had a clear growth, especially where international travel has increased every year. In 2018 the trend was stopped. Despite the fact that the international trips are rising, they do not rise as much as before, "said Jean-Marie Skoglund at Transportstyrelsen.

According to the Transportation Agency, more than 850,000 more travelers have flown abroad this year compared to last year. This is a four percent increase. In previous years, the increase has been over nine percent, which equates to approximately 1.7 million people.

Domestic aviation reduces

During the January January period this year, 188,000 passengers dropped domestic travel. This is a small increase if compared to the same period in 2016, but a decrease of just over three percent compared to 2017.

Even charter trips have fallen slightly.

According to Jean-Marie Skoglund at the Transportation Agency, the reduction may have many reasons, including the fact that the NextJet airline is bankrupt this spring.

"Then we do not yet know what the effects of aircraft taxes introduced in April have given.

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"Passengers will pull down on traffic"

Low flight travelers can show a recession that is coming, but so far it is too early to draw any such collections according to the National Institute of Economic Research.

Marie-Jean Skoglund believes that summer issues and warm climate could have influenced Egypt's attitude towards air travel.

"Individuals have thoughts about their trips in a completely different way now," he said.

If the downturn persists and the number of passengers falls on the plane, it will lead to the flight industry.

"The passengers will pull down on traffic. Ultimately, there may be some lines down," said Jean-Marie Skoglund at Transportstyrelsen.

"You do not have to travel to Thailand every year"

Victoria Berefelt has given the best flight and it's important that more do the same.

"It was so inconvenient uncomfortable with the heat that came this summer. I was on Gotland where there was a huge fire hazard during the summer and the shortage of my foodstuffs. I was disturbed by climate concern and decided to stop aviation, he said.

Victoria Berefelt has given the best flight to the fear of the environment. Here along with the son Max, 12.

picture: private

"You may not have to give up the flight altogether, but you do not need to go to Thailand with your family every year. Once you've been there, there is & # 39; n enough.

Although Victoria refuses to fly as far as possible, she believes that she will not be able to fly again sometime in the future.

"Maybe I'll fly more if my son moves to the US, for example, but otherwise, I think I have flown clear. I'll be a man in Go to Berlin soon, then we'll take the train, "he said.

Perhaps these are the reasons for fewer trips

Climate change:

More and more individuals become aware of the environment and human impact on it.

Tax flight:

In April 2018 the flight tax, which means it has become 60 to 400 kronor, has become more expensive to fly.

Flight to countries within the EU now SEK 60 is more expensive, countries outside the EU within 600 miles cost 250 kronor more to travel and the ticket to non-non-EU countries part of the EU well beyond 600 miles now is $ 400 more expensive than previously.


During a recession, people often give the best travel and there is a detrimental effect on the flying industry.

Hot summer:

There was a hot summer that could have affected people's desire to go on holiday.

SOURCE: Jean-Marie Skoglund, Transport Agency and National Economic Research Institute

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