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Laila Bagge and his son Liam Pitts own a house with them


"Lailaland" earns high income: a 15-year-old son has bought a car – and a house


"Lailaland" means a reasonable monthly fee – not only to Laila Bagge, 45.

Mab Liam Pitts, 15, is also in a hurry to take part in the TV show.

"I do not know how much I can say … yes, I'll earn money," he said.

In the second season of "Lailaland" takes Liam Pitts More space in her mother's reality series. And the TV recordings have meant it is compatible with the check. Both are for Laila Bagge a ma.

"The reason I started the reality was because you've had a blog so long ago. Here you share a lot of life. Instead of rewriting, you're almost assured to ask someone:" Follow we will not drive, "said Laila.

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Liam Pitts to Laila Bagge.

"We own a house with a couple"

And it's better to pay or blog too?

"Yes, absolutely," said Laila, rearing her well-known laughter.

"I can not see it as a job. I've been in a camera since I was small and I followed Mom on an id tour, it's not a new thing, says Liam.

But he still gets compensation for his involvement.

"I do not know how much I can say … yes, I'll earn money, I'll have a large part of the program," he said.

Buying a moped car

Laila explains that they have invested most of Liam's income.

– We even own a house with a couple. We have invested its money in a business house that can then be taken over. He may not have a company when he is 15, so do it another way instead.

Liam describes herself as fictional.

– I have not really used so much. I've bought a pair of shoes. A car, car moped, I forgot. I have a little worry when I bought those things, he said.

"Lailaland" is broadcast on Tuesday 21:00 on TV3 and streaming on Viafree.

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