Wednesday , May 25 2022

Judgment against the proposal on police access to signaling tasks – News (Ecot)


The judges include the Bar Association, where Anne Ramberg is General Secretary:

– As today, the police will not have access to the tension of a signal when initiating a preliminary investigation. This suggestion means that you will have access to the information, but not use it in the preliminary investigation. And it will have a lot of results, "said Anne Ramberg, and continues:

"Not least, it means, among other things, that you can not use information that speaks in favor of the suspect.

An indicative tension occurs from the Swedish Defense Broadcasting Service, FRA, and is about listening, for example, telecommunications data and transport that crosses the country's border to identify threats to Sweden.

Police and police Police Police today do not receive data from the Fire and Rescue Authority signaling team if a criminal investigation is started, as the signal tension is part of the intelligence business defense.

Therefore, indicative tension is the subject of far-reaching privacy.

The fact that the police can not access the data when a criminal investigation has started, for example, has identified as a problem in the prevention of terrorist attacks in Sweden.

According to the proposal, like Following a referral, police and police forces should continue to receive data from the Fire and Rescue Authority, even if a criminal investigation is being started.

However, the data can only be used in the intelligence work to prevent crime, not in the criminal investigation.

– It was not described in practice how to proceed to ensure that this information is not used as the basis for the preliminary investigation, and without the opportunity for the accused to have the insight he is entitled to, says Anne Ramberg.

In addition to the Bar Association, Civil Rights Defenders, the Justice Ombudsman and Society of Journalists are also related to those who refuse the offer.

The motion is supported by Police Police, Police, Fire and Rescue Authority, ECO and Public Prosecutor.

"The essential thing is that you can continue to get important information about different phenomena that cause serious cross-border crimes," said prosecutor's chamber prosecutor Henrik Rasmusson.

"It does not need to be stopped before you start a preliminary investigation," continues Henrik Rasmusson.

"The main reason for this regulation is to explain the boundary between intelligence and criminal investigation, thereby also providing information on information that will enable better equipment to detect and prevent serious crimes," says Henrik Rasmusson . on the office and prosecutor.

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