Wednesday , January 20 2021

Ionnalee is releasing new and touring the US – Culture and Entertainment

music Ionnalee, who has also released music and audiovisual productions under the name Iamamiwhoami, released his second album in May. In addition, he will travel to the USA and Canada in April. He held a similar tour last year, funded through fundraising on the Kickstarter site. In five days he received 750,000 supporters for supporters.

"When the trip really ended, it was completely handled away by responding to the audience. It changed a lot for me to prove it. After my last album, I had no plan to go back to studio I have been bored and have struggled with health and motivation I even made myself in the studio every opportunity I got, so I was inspired by the synergy that I was experiencing with & # 39 , the audience of the stage that started a process. I wanted to give back to the audience, "said Ionnalee in a press release.

The new album is "Remember the future" and it will be released on May 31st.

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