Thursday , September 29 2022

Inggs: If we are right, mortgage rates will be doubled over the next few years


If the Riksbank is correct in its fixed-income bank, mortgage rates will double in the coming years.

Governor Stefan Ingves said at a Finance Committee hearing on Thursday.

"Most homes have chosen to give a rate as necessary, and if we get it right, interest rates will rise in the near future. The rates of interest on mortgages will then doubles, "he said.

He said that it is important that everyone calculates how much loans they can take and that individual households can not be squeezed when interest rates arise.

"If you've been mistaken, one will definitely take its results," he said.

Deputy Governor, Martin Floden, said that homes are expecting increasing interest rates and also coping with it.

"The homes are well equipped for the modest interest rate changes that we face before us," he said.

He noted, however, that the Riksbank can not control the financial policy after the most owed, and if inflation increases more than expected, the Riksbank should operate with hikes more powerful interest rates , which would have more impact on households that are very owed.

In the announcement at the latest interest rate at the end of October, Riksbank left, as expected, to change at -0.50 per cent and still mark a 25-point increase in December or February.

The message was good in line with expectations, but what happened was that Martin Flodén had made an Henry Ohlsson company and voted for an interest rate increase of -0.25 per cent.

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