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"If I do not leave, I should have told me"


Earlier today, the Barometer wrote about how Johan Assarsson, chairman of Kalmar FF, had a telephone call in a car company in Kalmar on Thursday, a conversation that other people should hear. Assarsson should say, among other things, that "We do as we mentioned earlier, we draw Henke", which Henke refers to Henrik Rydström. The number of conversations should be heard and confirmed by a number of people.

Assarsson later told the Barometer that he had no memory of such a chat.

"I have no idea that I have spoken in public about such a thing," he told the Barometer.

Rydström, who became the lead coach for Kalmar FF during the second half of the season when Nanne Bergstrand nodded, told the Football Channel who had not heard anything about his future after more than 25 years in society.

– In fact nothing. (Sports Manager) Thomas Andersson Borstam and I sit for a short time on Tuesday, speaking in general and then nothing for the future. Both of you were a little time consuming. We would have met yesterday, but then it took a lot of time. We would have met today, but then it was in Stockholm. We mentioned that we would sit down tomorrow.

"I get the biggest impression that we speak in general. Should I be a conspiracy, and I am not at all, one could interpret obscene silence as something bad, but I'm not conspiracy. I & I do not think you're in the community talking to me if you have comments on the way we operate.

"If you're thinking about the board for something about the idea of ​​the game, a training methodology, I suppose you're talking at this level with the person.

On a question about Rydström, he believes he works in KFF in 2019, and he answers:

"We're in December soon and if you do not have to leave, I should receive a message. It would be strange if that message came so late. So unprofessional, I am convinced that you are not from the side of Kalmar FF.

"This is our profession, so I can assume that the people in the board or decision-making roles reason as if they were in their business. Then I assume that they are making a general assessment and say something that could be uncomfortable in some interviews.

Another criticism that Assarsson should have addressed during the conversation was that the KFF game style too focused on ball possession and that there are not enough goals on.

"The three months here have been so badly interesting," said Rydström about the collapse of the team.

"I have read about other people, many more influential and stronger people than I am, where you have an idea and you want to plant it, and many say" this may really create success. "Not just football, but also other areas.

– The first month will be "oh, interesting", but then "but doubtfully, can not be used to this?" This disorder is, and then I do not mean the tidy in the form of stupidity, but we have damaged when it comes to changes. You want to acknowledge yourself. The perception of the devil is reinforced by some people who say possession.

There was such a general picture of KFF in the fall: a lot of ball possession, but a few goals. How do you usually respond to that criticism?
"There are a large number of numbers that show that teams have a bigger success than opponents. There are single exceptions and single games. In fact, I believe It is interesting to see how to fight what is having a bit different, a little new. It will be a threat.

"What I found interesting is that those who complain about me, that is, about ball possession, do not have to answer what the option is. We send a ball straight there and hopefully For that opportunity, is that option? There will be no alternative, but "ball possession is useless". Yes, it may be, but many suggest that it is often better than just defense games that are # 39; n live, for example.

According to the sources of the Football Channel, at least a part of the player group behind Rydström will be the main trainer, but the alternatives for the post will be the lead coach examined. It is mostly of government posts that criticize Rydström. In the KFF podium, as it is also done by the Barometer, it is said that at least two people from the Kalmar FF board are "strong opponents" for Rydström to continue.

"It's been a series for me as a player and also as a coach," said Rydström.

"Many statements have survived and covered many other things that I think I've been involved in and working for. You can see it in two ways. One is that I have had the opportunity to work with football on a level that many other people could be better than I was, like players and trainers. At the same time, I also know that the image of me as a public person is the way of judging me as a coach. I said that in an article off on the west: I've started watching me much more, I do not take political stalls, and I'm sorry, I do nothing that can be interpreted in any direction.

"But the photo still remains, from what was before.

Rydström has been assistant trainers and youth coaches in recent years. However, he does not know how he intends to continue at the club except the head of coaches.

"As a football coach, he's scared to say" I have an idea how I want to play a team, in fact I have definite thoughts on how to get it, then I want to give offer it, and then I want to make it as high up as possible. "If you're creating that kind of thoughts, a bit will be" huh? How does she do that? "Although a player is expected to reach the national team, play overseas, get the best. We think we're beautiful.

"The answer that I should say is" I'm happy if I come to work. "And that's me, but these three months have strengthened my sense of this I think and want to do … I just have a stronger conviction.

"But I do not need to do so right now. If there is a long-term plan and thinking with" Our image like this, then we believe, "ok, but I have not heard anything yet and you should have done that already. As I said, it will be in December.

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