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Hi 90au – FZ Test Playstation Classic!


Sony wants to surf the tone after Nintendo started with the NES Classic Mini. The result is a compact version of the first gray Playstation console, together with the original controls and 20 games. The console similarly connects other retro capabilities to the TV through HDMI and it takes power from a regular micro USB cable.

"The gaming experience is similar to what we have experienced in the mid 1990's"

The gambling experience is similar to what we have experienced in the mid 1990's, but the 20 pre-starring titles have received some such happy improvements. There is no doubt that lifting times are not a fraction of what they were on the original console. To load levels of CDs it may in some games try to tolerate the burst limit, but it's just a memory.

The experience is thrown further by allowing you to create recovery pennies for each game so that you can continue with a game session without having game file loads. Yes, it works the same way as in the Nintendo pruning system, but with PS Classic you can only create a recovery point, not four. If we continue to compare, the Sony software interface is slightly less glossy and broader. It can be a conscious strategy, but it does not look so simple.

A piece of retro console from Sony.

Comparison of size between PS Classic and PS4 Pro. Bonws: FZ mug!

The luck down to the left is available to see.

Playstation Classic seems to be running the games in an unchanged form more or less, and so you need to "change disks" in games that took more than one that is alleged, for example Final Fantasy VII. To do this, press the Open button, and then select the desired disk via icons on the TV. There is a simple system for memory card control and splash control, as well as basic settings and a guidance section that will include resources for the different titles.

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All games for Playstation Classic:

  • Toshinden Battle Sand

  • Cool Boards 2

  • Destroy Derby

  • Final Fantasy VII

  • Grand Theft Auto

  • Intelligent cube

  • Flash Jump!

  • Metal Gear Solid

  • Mr. Driller

  • Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

  • Rayman

  • Equipment of the Resident Evil Director

  • Exposures: Persona

  • Ridge Racer Math 4

  • Super Turbo II Fighter Puzzle

  • Filter Siphon

  • Tekken 3

  • Enfys Tom Clancy Six

  • Metal Twisted

  • Wild Arms

Two controls are included, and they are from the original model, which explicitly excludes titles that ask for Dualshock analog controller speeds. It also means steering as proud as it was in the 90's. A "difficult" level depends on which game runs. There are some titles, like Evil Residential ac Final Fantasy VII, based on pretty angular controls to start and so still feel natural to play.

Other games, on the other hand, show less aging age, physical controls and how they work in the games. One example is Flash Jump which was appreciated as well as the 3D platform genre during a period before the Playstation was saved by Crash Bandicoot. He must have been impressive in his time, but both control and presentation feel very rough now. Crash Bandicoot It has been a much better choice in PS classics game library.

One of the most unacceptable options is Enfys Tom Clancy Six – Iconic PC title which, for some reason, is considered a Playstation classic. As well as being an unusual option in this collection, it is also an example of how game developers did not know how first person shooters should work on the console. After a while, I can start control of the control schedule and can start to appreciate the game more, but it's a strange choice in the setup.

Cord! As in the old gray time.

Ridge Racer in action. Unfortunately, we did not have pictures or screenshots.

Other games are so good now as when it started, but is limited by the ergonomics of the hand. classics fighting Toshinden Battle Sand ac Tekken 3 It's still tight as 20 years ago, especially the last. But the gamepad makes them comfortable uncomfortable. 3d fighters act as fun, but not if the dentist speaks in the team.

"I'm really shocked at how fun Ridge Racer Type 4 is still"

If those titles have forgotten old days incorrectly, others who make the opposite. I am surprised and desirable how fun Ridge Racer Math 4 Still, although it is very much needed today. You can still drive as you never see a pedal braking and still do well. The control is tight, even the image update and the archival entertainment value at the top.

There are great titles, but we have already been able to buy and play on other platforms, not just Sonys. To play Final Fantasy VII It's always lovely, but I'm already doing it on four consoles there at home. Other games like Exposures: Persona It's a great nice addition, as I anticipate that many like me could have lost when it started. Here too, it seems that Sony has rarely increased the original version as the same translation errors still exist.

Exposures: Persona is one of the few games in the star that staggers and really feels it's necessary in the collection. Enfys Six ac Grand Theft Auto is nothing of Playstation, and many other titles can be played in a better performance on Sony's modern (second) machines. In some cases, the choice of games in the series is also odd.

"Rainbow Six and Grand Theft Auto are nothing of a classic Playstation"

For example, you have chosen the first one Metal Twisted, although there is consensus that part two is better. And while you're in Cool Boardsseries only chose part two. The fact that the console does not have an internet connection, PSN store or memory card support is also that these twenty titles get what we get.

The first prints of Playstation Classic are mixed. There are a few games in this fun pack, but for most, the teeth of the time have been difficult. The 3D presentations and controls are quite attractive in many cases and the gaming experience is not as good as offering Nintendo retro tools.

Playstation Classic will be launched on December 3rd. The version I have been experiencing yesterday may not be final, some things may be added to the store version. But the game range is what it is, and I am not sure that it will feel as classic as the Playstation deserves.

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