Sunday , August 7 2022

Here's the new P3 series "The Suite" with Happy Jankell


During the morning of Thursday, here is the premiere for the new P3 Series story – "The Suite". In the series, written by Denise Rudberg and Mikaela Bley, we must go into the closed query room during the critical 48 hours after a 17-year-old murder. The scriptwriters tell us that the main track in history was how far we are ready to reach our goals.

– To question people's driving forces is the only way to create an interesting drama. One that is about boyfriend or money. Like any Shakespeare play, Denise and Mikaela say.

Dealing with luxury, status and sex

Denise Rudberg and Mikaela Bley paint a portrait of the Stockholm elite inner room and the dark truth hidden in trying to get rid of luxury, status and sex.

The 17-year-old wife is found dead and naked in a bloody bed in a hotel room after a unique party with a business school fellowship. Sleep behind the lie is restated and facades have been conquered by the witnesses being corrected in this criminal play, whose stunning magic depicts a young girl's hunting status. A game that will cost her life.

Moa Gammel, who directed the series, said he wanted to take the role of the "Suite" director in part for the opportunity to work with written text, hearing and chamber play, but also because of a high level history theme.

– I wanted to instruct the Room for its contemporary theme on class, sex and power, says the director Moa Gammel.

Become a stage performance

Denise Rudberg and Mikaela Bley say they write the story a little more than a year before the "Mi too" movement was big.

– I remember that we sat wildly with notes in autumn of 2016 and agreed that the world had not changed soon, that everything was still so serious, said Denise Rudberg.

It is already clear that the eight-part series will be set up as a stage performance at Theatr Maxim in Stockholm in 2019.

Departments are released on Thursday morning, on playing radio in Sweden and where podcasts are available. The roles include Happy Jankell, Alexander Karim, Daniel Paris, Linus Wahlgren and Jonas Malmsjö.

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