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Here's the MFF movie back – be vigilant of the progress


Malmö / Stockholm. Europa's league meeting was held between Malmö FF and Sarpsborg by filming about filming.

That's why it was an extra charge when Eric Larsson attacked himself in the penalty area – and was warned.

"I believe that he (a Norwegian defender) will break me and I'll get a bit light," said Eric Larsson.

Sarpsborg left Joachim Thomassen mad in Larsson.

– I understand that. What's happening. I can see it goes to speed and then it's just jumping before the duel. If I do not have such a good angle and we would be punished, there would be a good location, "said Eric Larsson.

Two weeks ago, Malmö Uwe Rösler's trainer was disappointed by 1-1 away against Sarpsborg in the Europa League.

"There were many duels, but also a lot of filming," he told TV2.

"Who knows the movie most …"

He took the screw statement. Before the meeting between the teams, the outer champion of the Amin Askar Norwegians returned.

"We're not a film team. We might be aggressive and put everything in the lines, but we do not get it. We'll see who filmed most tomorrow later, he says.

So who was right?

Judging by a situation in the game, she was Askar. For 1-1, after the goal of Patrick Mortensen and Marcus Antonsson, Eric Larsson cut into the penalty area. Joachim Thomassen's Applicants had arrived there, the MFF returned – but the adjudicator did not even think of a penalty. Instead Larsson warned of filming.

The group lives

But Larsson became a scoring player from Malmö, but thanks to a nice direct touch to Markus Rosenberg.

"I had a good ball from Bachirou and I managed to enter Mackan. He thought he'd score but he saved the finish line and then Antonsson could put it in. It was nice to see it going in but sad that we did not win, "said Eric Larsson.

The game came to an end to 1-1, which means the group was living most for the four teams in front of the two finals.

They have won the Europa League in the 2010s 00:46

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