Thursday , January 27 2022

Greed organizing Sweden rock collo


When members of the group were younger, they themselves were in pop and rock collections that gave a lot.

"We gave us inspiration and puff in the right direction. Now we can help others with the same thing," Moa continues.

What do the participants go to learn?

– Everything that's important with the industry. It's about playing, writing songs, making bands and what you need to move on.

It is not clear what date the rock vote will start, but you started a few days before the hard rock festival.

– We even got a private opinion behind the stage and it was really appreciated, the guitarist noted.

Name of merit

This year, among other things, groups such as Rainbow, Def Leppard and Kizz play. So one can doubt that Skövdetjejerna will be likely to wait and listen to a number of concerts.

You have recently returned from a South Korea tour, which was played at the Skövde rock festival and has performed more widely at the Västegötlands Museum, which released a new record. How has the reaction to the plate been?

– Throughout very good and it's fun that it's the end. We have also received good attention in various media and on different websites, "Moa continues.

This summer, a new adventure for members of the Browse Collection stays, but of course, many will happen until then.

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