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Grand Daniel's great deal – now Starbreeze rages star


The Sweden Starbreeze game developer was a rocket on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Prince Daniel saw an early potential and bought shares in 2015 for SEK 186,983, according to a previous review by Expressen.

The increase in value was fast – after a year the value rose by over a hundred and the portfolio was worth SEK 378,780 sharply.

When it became best for the Prince's investments in the company, the stock value rose from five to 23 kronor.

But the Swedish company, Starbreeze, who is developing computer and video games as a great success "Payday", will lose weight soon.

The share value had halved before the Prince sold last year's holding, which meant that the profits were relatively small.

But what's more important for the home fund at Haz Castle is that it's selling before the real race starts.

Wild profit has to break

After the incredible autumn, Starbreeze won a profit on Friday.

The price has dropped by 80 per cent since June and today the stock has been listed in SEK 2.5.

The reason for the weak development can be found in the great effort "Overkill The Walking Dead", the launch of the autumn game that was supposed to turn back the company.

Initially, "Walking Dead" was received positively in the gaming market. This was changed after cold reviews that had the proportion to dive.

In this case, several Starbreeze chief executives sold significant shares in the company and have now received questions about the inside of information.

A day's day was a great success for Star Star.

CEO Bo Andersson Klint sold shares for SEK 18.6 million between 15 and 19 November.

External Finance Manager Sebastian Ahlskog sold his entire holding for 3.3 million kronor between 13 and 15 November.

Both were valued a week before the gains notice on Friday, November 23.

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Situation: No internal information

Investors' Connector, Ann Charlotte Svensson, told Dagens Industri that sales were not made with inside information:

– Hans Banks (Bo Andersson Klint) are partly lending, and when the price appeared as it was made, it became an enforcement sales.

– In terms of the bank manager's ban on shares, he announced his resignation in October, so it was natural to dispose of his holding.

Prince Daniel.


Since last week's wins, Starbreeze has lost about a third of its worth. The decline will continue on Monday.

In a press release in connection with the profit notice, the company wrote that it should review the cost and focus structure of a crucial core business to go along with 2019.

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"Obviously, weird"

Finansinspektionen can choose to review the transactions if they think it may have breached the provisions. They can also decide on sanctions.

– The company says that the CEO or CFO did not know about the sales notice on sale, but you may choose to review these transactions. Because all information should be recorded, it should be possible to find out what has happened and when, says economist economist Johanna Kull in Avanza.

"It may be a gray zone, as a private inspiration, you're thinking about what has happened. It is obviously weird that these sales are made so close to the profit notice.

Johanna Kull in Avanza.

picture: KARL GABOR / WASG

If Prince Daniel was sitting in the boat, it would have led to losses in the order of hundreds of thousands.

The sales last year, as confirmed by Expressen, led the investments.

– Prince Daniel has not participated in the company (the shares) sold more than a year ago, writing Margareta Thorgren, Chief Information Officer, in an email.

The expert: "resolving example"

Several experts have warned of the Prince Daniel's strategy to install their entire stock portfolio on a card.

– This is an example of spelling why not put all the eggs in a basket, says Johanna Kull in Avanza.

Two important lessons of Prince's shares can be drawn, she believes.

– As a preventative example of the risk of being too single for an individual company. But it also shows that only for a company that has fallen very significantly, so there is no law that says it can not even fall.

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