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Grab arson in Märsta – near Arlanda


oJamshid Jamshidi

A fully developed fire started in a two-storey house in Märsta.

The house could not be saved.

A teenager is arrested from deliberate fires – after being spotted by eyewitnesses.

The smoke column of the reversed building in Märsta appeared several kilometers away.

– At 17.15, we were told that a two-storey house in full fire to the north-east of Märsta, was quite close to Arlanda, said Anna Westberg, police press officer.

When the service arrived on the site, the whole house was demolished.

– We let it burn down but try to stop the spread to the land, says Erik Westling, a management operator at Storstockholm rescue center, for 19 o'clock.

Photographs taken from Arlanda Airport showed how black smoke hacked from the fireplace.

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A thick pillar of smoke from Arlanda could be seen.

Tasks: A teenage boy was highlighted

According to the police, a person has written at the address, but it is not said that anyone has been injured in the fire.

– No one should live there at the moment and there is no sign that someone has been in the house, says Anna Westberg.

The police state that someone has been arrested and suspected that he has brought the fire, but that he does not want to comment closer on the arrest or the suspicions t .

– The event is classed as arson and someone is arrested.

According to information about Aftonbladet, the arrest is a teenage boy. The eyewitnesses should have seen them on site when the fire started, and they told the police.

The patrols could later arrest him.

The house has been blocked for technical examination.

Therefore, fire is classified as arson – even if nobody has died 00:29

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