Tuesday , May 17 2022

Göteborg wants to give the best to pay to Film in the West – Pages


movie The Gothenburg city intends to give the best contribution to the regional film fund, Film i Väst, reporting Radio Sweden's Cultural News.

The reason is that the borough believes there is no information on how the money can be used.

This is a great deal of money that we have not seen how they reach the film industry, "said Mariya Voyvodova (S) advice to Kulturnytt.

The Gothenburg Cultural Council has chosen to terminate cooperation, and the urban government is expected to make the same decision soon.

On West Film, one asks questions.

During all these years, we have given more than 200 pages of Göteborg material, as in the foreground. And apparently how many people go to Gothenburg and in which areas, Mikael Fellenius Chief Executive told Kulturnytt.

Support is about SEK 4.5 million annually, which corresponds to what West Film is investing in producing a long movie. Co-operation with West Film is part of the borough's commitment to getting film and television productions to Gothenburg, which has been running since 2014.

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