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Gösta adventure, Busa charm and Sverker the wildcat – here are the old winners of the Lussekatt of the Year


Some of the previous winners of Cat Lucky Lucky.

Here you will find more information on how the competition goes, as well as the form where you can upload a picture of your candidate.

Below you can see photos, and read more about them, Cat Cat Lucky's previous winners, from 2005 to 2017.

The battlefield of the 2017 cats came in Sverker in Saxdalen.

2017: The Bondkatten Sverker in Saxdalen won the first prize at home

Sverker is described as a type and a patient, but a little shy, and maybe not be weird because he has not found it so easy in his life. It's a summer cat that left alone in a campsite in Malingsbo, where he lived alone as a wild cat for over a year. Then the cat's hemisphere came to an end. There he met the best friend of Tommy, who moved them home to the Näslund family.

Lussekatt of the Year in Dalarna 2016 - Busa or Grycksbo.

2016: Busa came from Grycksbo at the Lussekatt of the Year of 2016 This was written for the winner of the article: "Over 800 applications have been streamlined to the" Lussekatt of the Year "competition. Among the ten finals, the incredible, sweet and charming cat Busa, Grycksbo, won the victory." I saw in the magazine it was one of ten finalists, but I have not hoped that she would win, says Lena Fägermark, the owner of Busa. "

Luc and Year in Dalarna 2015 - Gösta o Mora.

2015: Lussekatt of the Year is Adventurous Gösta

This was written for the winner of the article: "500 candidates and 20 finalists later." Ultimately, readers of the magazine fell for the Gösta cat who lives in Mora along with Husse and Matte Owe and Christina.

Gösta must not be a display tax that has won several awards as the cheating cat last year. But he has gained the hearts of Moraborn – it's an adventurous cat that wants to move and go to the town, described by mathematician Christina Eriksson. "

Lussekatt for the Year 2014 - Palle, from Borlänge.

2014: Palle will celebrate with snowy trees

This was written for the winner of the article: "Whole-record Dalakats, about 650, took part in a teenager year in 2014 and ten were voted for the final.

As an old tough uncle. Here's how Mia Jacobsson describes a cheatful cat this year, the Norwegian Palle forest cat from Borlänge. "But here is the supreme champion, my princess," he said. "

Lussekatt of the Year in Dalarna 2013 - Spike. Photo: Johan Solum

2013: The Lucky Cat of the Year is King Spike

This was written for the winner of the article: "Over 300 candidates and 16 final finalists. DT readers for Spike, from Strand, voted outside the borough of Vika in Palu, such as Luss of the Year." I knew that.

Then Spike would comment on his new title if he could speak. "It's pretty common, as a little king. Nobody decides, he told Josephine Westlund."

Lussekatt 2012 am and Year - Alice. Photo: Kjell Jansson

2012: Lovely Alice is the pride of Äppelbo

Here's how it was written about the winner of the article: "After moving around and having a little trouble, Alice reached a goal back with matte Maria Norström at Äppelbo.

She is now beautifully handsome, which is the charm of all those who come in her way. And from today – Lussekatt 2012! "

Lussekatt of the Year in Dalarna 2011 - Alice. Photo: Peter Ohlsson

2011: Alice's biggest charm won the most

This was written for the winner of the article: "The rosette did not want to know, and the cake cream was stuck on the nose. So, during high protests, Alice Korades was three years for Lussekatt this year 2011. But well on the farm he was She shows her best fun!

Thus, Hussein Alice from Ludvika, who became the winner of this year's competition. I've run the start to the end, and he really removed the run. "

Lussekatt of the Year in Dalarna 2010 - Sassa. Photo: Persia's Pia

2010: Sassa brings most of the readers' heart

This was written about the winner of the article: "Enjoy, love, sweet, enjoy the reader of the Sassa holy poets magazine. She made her a winner in the popular newspaper competition.

"Sassa is the best thing that has happened to me. It makes me feel good and it's the clean medication for the body and the soul! Come & The order was ordered by Matte Monica Emilsson. Being a Domestic Bullying in a nursing home, Sassa had been a "princess" girlfriend in Malung. "

Lussekatt of the Year in Dalarna 2009 - Glassen. Photo: Söderberg Claes

2009: Congratulations Glassen, won!

Here's how it was written about the winner of the article: "She has a soft soft face of Persian, Birman and a seam with a skin and a wearing tail and skin. He has a very little girlfriend, who loves to lie on her back and to get stuck on her belly by her loved ones. Congratulations, it was hard to make Glassen drowned! "

Glassen from Slätta in Falun won the 2009 competition.

Lussekatt of the Year in Dalarna 2008 - Bastian of Borlänge. A very happy home at Mariette Schimana hugging Peggy's daughter with Bastian in her arms and cooked the side and the winery on the table in front. Photo: Kjell Jansson

2008: Bastian came to Lussekatt of the Year

Here's how it was written about the winner of the article: A sweet and soft writer with the world's matte pride. He met the newspaper in Färjegårdarna in Borlänge, when Lussekatt was heard per year. And Bastian received a salary for her unforgettable guest play in the photographer.

Bastian was erected so that it had to be done with side cooking, silverware and yellow cake with cream. Cream he would prefer to bite from the fingers of the mats not to put down the fur collar and rosette. "

Lucky Lucky Cat in Dalarna 2007 - Casino.

2007: Lussekatten Casino – father to four

This was written for the winner of the article: "Welcome to the Lussekatten board signs and invite all his lovely family to the victory party. There are still four dog sites sitting around and admiring & Amazing cream cake is Dad's winning.

The mood to the whole guy is Gunilla Krantz in Herrhagen, Falun, who, along with the young people Gustav, Filip and Kristin, do everything possible to give the best possible start in life Chest and for small children. "

Lussekatt of the Year in Dalarna 2006 - Ariel.

2006: Lussekatt of the Year is Ariel

This was written for the winner of the article: "It's lovely and nice, but fears the cream cake!" Then Lussekatten Ariel showed when she was celebrated in Borlänge.

Few misses like high heels and take pride in the prize pool with a town view. Completely desolate with a fake bright coat, his friendly blue eyes and side dress worthy of a lucky cat, Ariel was ready for the photographer.

Worse when the cream cake came out and clicked cream stuck in the morning hair. It was not as big as losing who was very suspicious about putting your nose back. "

Lussekatt of the Year in Dalarna 2005 - Zlatan. Photo: Esbjörn Johansson

2005: Latter's Cat Cat of the Year Zlatan offers a cake

Here's how it was written about the winner of the article: "It's an awesome look and the girls are in line with each other. Mum Vittra thinks he's too young , and rather like to continue with a lira basketball. " He's about Zlatan Falun himself, and winner of bulletins, and he became the county's Lussekatt this year.

Zlatan's love is Tassbollen and has been since he was small, telling Olivia lilmatte in the Hansson family at Krondiket, in Falun. Ideally, he plays with Wrangler's great brother, who is his great article and is eager to make an impression on the whole. "

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