Tuesday , August 9 2022

Google presents its new Gmail mobile design


If you're usually using red and white interfaces, something completely different will come here. Google has just started to introduce its new design for the Gmail app. And it's very fine, everywhere. The classic red search field of the app has also become white.

The new interface is larger in line with Google's more modern design language – "Material Design" that Google calls. Here are also new and native Google fonts that have also been searching for many other Google services recently, such as Google Docs.

There are also some functional changes. As in Gmail on the web, we can now see prospects without opening the first e-mail. Gmail can also notify you to e-mail suspected emails. We can also, as in the mail, switch between a more compressed and efficient-efficient appearance, or a more comfortable interface.

Android users should see the changes in the app from now on. For IOS users, the new look comes to the end of the week.

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