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Good contraceptive procedures can prevent bird flu


The migration season for wildfowl in the start pool, and after a new cause of bird flu in Danish birds in Denmark, the Swedish Agriculture Board calls on all those with birds to give an additional focus on infection control practices.

When the season for a number of wild birds starts swimming, it is particularly important to keep an eye on the protection of the infection on the farm. Photo: Carolina Wahlberg

Avian influenza occurs naturally in wild birds, especially in seabirds, and is very infectious among birds. Good hygiene procedures and all connections between wild and domestic birds are prevented are important in order to avoid having the disease in their poultry herd.

– In order to avoid spreading to poultry, it is important that livestock producers and poultry producers have good hygiene habits. We also want to remind you that the level of protection 1 for preventive measures against avian flu is relevant to Sweden as a whole. Protection of level 1 means that poultry can go out, but that feeding and water should be put under shelter or under shelter in the open air, says Karin Åhl, an infection control specialist at the Swedish Agriculture Board, in a statement to the press.

As an animal owner, it is important to be careful and liaise with the veterinary surgeon if there are problems such as increased deaths, changes in the use of water and feed, a reduction in egg production or a lesser general condition.

General Poultry Hygiene Rules

  • Make sure that only those who care for the domestic birds have access to the places where the animals are kept.
  • Keep clean around housing and enclosures.
  • Be careful with the practices in the hygiene boundaries.
  • Wash hands after contacting the birds.
  • After staying abroad, you should not contact domestic birds until after 48 hours as soon as possible.

Source: Swedish Agriculture Board

The article was published on Monday, March 11, 2019

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