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George R R Martin's Publications Book About Westeros – Culture and Fun


He is well known that the author of the "Ice and Fire Story", the books based on a "Game of Thrones" television series, has suffered from writing grampages as it is becoming increasingly anxious. In an open interview with The Guardian, George R. Martin talks about the challenges of writing the sixth novel in the series, something he is talking about.

I've been finding it very difficult for a couple of years. There are more than a dozen novels, each with a composer and a set of allies and lovers. Trying to weave everything is a very challenging challenge. "Fire and blood" was relatively simple, but he kept writing for many years, he said.

In fact collector

"Fire and Blood" described as George R. Martin that corresponds to "Silmarillion" J R R Tolkien, a book that extends mythology around the universe created by the fantasy writer. The book came after two Swedish fans, Elio M Garcia, Martine and Linda Antonssen released the "A World of Ice and Fire" fan in 2014. Both are assistant and janitor George RR Martin, as they sometimes & She knew better than herself on the residents of Westeros, said Martin at the interview.

We will expand and fill some holes in my story about different kings and battles. But the first concept was rejected and instead this book came. The first half of the story of the kings of the Empire of Targaryen, he said.

New work

George R R Martin is also working on a new TV series developed by HBO, who will play thousands of years before the events in the original series. It also reveals the Guardian that he and the production company are working on developing a series of other series with each other.

But that's not what I will speak to date, he says.

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