Thursday , January 20 2022

Four cancer patients died after staying long – His own reports



Four cancer patients died after staying long – His own reports

For nine cancer patients, seriously exacerbated the disease when not surgery or repeated at time. In four cases, the cancer has been spread so far that the people die. Now, Sus's hospital reports her own waiting times according to Lex Maria.

The nine patients had the urine tract, urinary bladder or pelvic kidney cancer. Five had to wait for a long time for surgery that the spread of cancer and surgery or drug treatment were more difficult. Four had to wait for the necessary follow-up visits.

"This is very serious and it is totally unacceptable that waiting times are so long," said Lars Malmberg, Head of Urology in Sus.

Waiting times for patients with so-called urothelial cancer have long been. But for a few years, Skåne Region has the reason the business itself said

The waiting times for the admission business are due to the absence of urologists, nurses and secretaries, but there is also poor access to operating rooms. A special quote has planned to be able to implement more patients with the urinary tract cancer during the day at Sus, and also to do more geological actions in Landskrona.

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