Thursday , January 28 2021

Found body looking for Emiliano Sala

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A body during searching for a football player was found to disappear from Emiliano Sala.

The body must have been found in the plane wreck, writes AFP.

On Sunday, the wreck was found on the plane where Emiliano Sala's football player, 28, was on it when he suddenly disappeared.

Argentina's football player was on his way from Nantes Ffrangeg to Cardiff in Wales to complete his transformation between the clubs when the small planet "Piper Malibu" disappeared somewhere over the Channel Islands.

Photo: AAIB / TT / NTB NEWS OFFICE Scanpix

Here's the first picture of the plane found at the bottom of the English channel and disappeared with football player Emiliano Sala on board.

1 out of 2 | Photo: TT / NTB NEWS OFFICE Scanpix

Three days have passed since Emiliano Sala's aircraft disappears over the English Channel.

Body found

Images taken with an underwater camera have now shown that a body is staying in the wreck, writing AFP news agency.

The AAIB British authority, equivalent to the Swedish Accident Investigation Board, led to the search stating in a press release that it had indicated the plane with its designation of a register.

Consult with relatives

Now, AAIB, together with relatives and victims' police, are considering how to proceed.

One has also published a picture of the wreck that is said to show the left side of the plane and parts of the designation.

The search for Sala and the David Ibbotson pilot had ceased before that and re-started before finding the plane on Sunday.

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