Wednesday , March 3 2021

Fire in the bus garage except for control

The rescue service in Stockholm continues to fight a fiery fire in a bus garage at Kungsholmen, which began at 10.30 on Monday. The fire causes problems with specific departures and irregular traffic during the day, according to SL.

"We're burning and we still do not know how long we need to be there. It's like the whole day. Now we're focusing on protecting other nearby buildings," says Hans Eriksson , a management operator in the Stockholm fire department.

Fire in the building, which includes a large bus garage and associated offices, has started in connection with roofing works.

"An old building with complex roofs and compositions, so we have not wanted to send people on the roof and open the fire from the inside and attack it, with more boundaries. more time too, says Hans Eriksson.

The police have issued a notice of general negligence.

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