Saturday , January 16 2021

Fire in a building in the center of Säffle

(UPDATED) Many vehicles were destroyed in a garage fire at Fabriksgatan in Säffle on Monday afternoon.

The police deliver the event as arson and carry out a technical investigation.

There was a fire in a garage building on Fabriksgatan in Säffle on Monday and the smoke could be seen remotely.

Photo: Nathalie Forsström

It's not clear how the fire has started.

– From the simple origin we categorized as arson, said Tommy Lindh, a police officer in the Bergslagen region.

The emergency services had a number of forces in place and initially they were full to ensure that the fire did not spread to the buildings next door.

– He suddenly burnt at the scene, says Hans Eriksson, who is responsible for the emergency services in Säffle.

And continue:

– The garage was completely burned, but the spread to the other properties was halted.

There were a number of caravans, cars, motorbikes and mopeds in the building that were fired.

No one was injured in the fire which started at 14 o'clock on Monday.

During the night and night, the emergency services had staff left for reimbursement.

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