Tuesday , August 9 2022

Few Pre-School Cases Reporting Crime – News


nursery A few pre-school reports when children offend by staff, although they have to do so according to the School Act, writes the urban worker (KA).

The newspaper review shows that most boroughs had only received individual reports in 2017. More than half had not received anyone. 226 villages of the country responded 290 to the survey.

The Swedish School Inspectorate states that the obligation to report is flawed in many boroughs and it is likely that no children will be trampled.

Although there are few offenses reporting pre-schools, the number of cases reported to the Schools Inspectorate is increasing. In the last seven years, cases involving pre-school children who were more thanked by themselves were more than doubled, according to KA. Those who often report are parents who do not think that the primary school has discussed the event well.

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