Saturday , July 2 2022

"Everyday problems are interpreted as mental illness" Gothenburg Post


The article is the result of a new report by the National Health and Wellbeing Board, which insults a sudden increase in mental illness among young people in Sweden.

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There are three researchers – Ingemar Engström, Sven Bremberg and Sofia Wikman – believe that the conclusion of the Health and Wellbeing Board is not only scientific, they write in the DN Debat.

They refer to the risk of "taking normal life experiences" – that diagnosis and medication are used too much to tackle common problems and difficulties in everyday life.

"We do not question the suffering caused by a mental image. However, the question is what kind of help is needed and in what context. Perhaps the best thing is not to have diagnosed and treated with drugs ".

Amongst other things, the researchers are opposed to the eight issues that the National Health and Wellbeing Board uses as indicators of mental illness in their study – among other things, we ask the young people for symptoms such as headaches, back pain and dizziness.

The researchers refer to a study of the University of Linköping that the young people can have these symptoms, for example, by sitting on the computer for too long, arguing with a parent or drinking too much. poor after training.

"At the moment our language is immersed in psychiatric terms. We are talking about climate anxiety, political depression or children in the letter. Idols and intakes say about mental illness in social media.

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