Thursday , May 19 2022

"Elon Musk Europe" promotes electric cars – Jaguar is already in the customer list


Elon Musk Aston Martin and Jaguar have a European response in the customer list. Now, Mate Rimac wants to produce the best and world-class sports cars.

Sometimes, Croatian Mate Rimac, founder of Rimac Automobili, was sometimes called "Elon Musk Europe".

Both operate revolutionary electrical car companies and one of the chief executive of Tesla Elon Musk, who has chosen a rather unconventional approach to manufacturing in California, the production of Rimac is located on the outskirts of capital Zagreb.

When the first car Tesla – Roadstern, introduced in 2008, Elon Musk was 37 years old and last year, the giant cars made 100,000 cars of cars.

Rimac, who is only 30 years old, does not reach the same level of production than with just a dozen vehicles on the roads. But unlike Musk, who started Tesla with a capital of Paypal sales, Rimac started traveling home at the garage where he was experimenting with the parents' car.

He was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the poorest city in the country that fled in Germany during the 1990's. At the age of 18, he bought an old resilient BMW that would transform into a flash-electric car, using old lead batteries.

Now the goal is to produce the best electricity sports cars that the world must offer, write Financial Times.

The company also supplies batteries and power supplies to large car brands and has a list of impressive customers ranging from Aston Martin to Jaguar.

Over the past year, Rimac has deducted $ 50 million back in capital and in the process of closing another round.

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Rimac Automobile – Concept One edition, was completed in 2011 with a maximum order of 8 vehicles.

Despite the small growth rate, Rimac believes they do not want to increase the volume to hundreds of units and risk competing with more bills than their own customers. Although there is still room to expand the production, Riman is not worried about this so far:

"How does the super electric market look true? Honestly, no-one knows. There are currently 8 Concept Ones in any case," he told the Financial Times.

The latest model launched in May, C_Two, will be produced in 150 copies for the price of $ 2.1 million each.

Although he has often been compared to Elon Musk, he does not want to claim that they play in the same league again.

"I admire it. Many people wanted to introduce me, but I'm not ready yet. I want the company to reach a specific level first and we're not there yet."

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