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Elias Pettersson's terrible: "Do a lot of it" – Radio Sports


"There's a new alliance and everything like that, but mostly I can think it's fun. I live the dream now and take care of Everyday in NHL, "said Pettersson to Radio Sports.

Elias Pettersson is shooting faster and fits better than most, golfers – who scored a goal in his first ever NHL game.

– I try to wait as well as possible on all parts of the ice. Direct shot, pull and shoot wrist. I am all working very much, because you do not have many jobs during a game and when I get it, I want to feel confident you can give.

Certainly, it should be because he has taken the NHL in a storm.

He scored five goals on his first games before he squeezed his brain, his first in a career.

Then, some thought that he had overcome by a more intense 15km Mike Matheson, that he should take more pressure if Elias says, who is probably tired of hearing such a thing:

"I think I'm doing well anyway, though I'm weighing a little less. Now you're another focusing on my weight.

Pettersson is also right at the fact that, although many journalists and specialists have started to learn a lot about this, many have changed and realize that they can achieve physically well in NHL.

I have noticed, but there is nothing I can change.

He had been two weeks after the competition, lost six games and then scored seven goals. It's been commemorated and named in the preliminary voting on rookie this year. He notices that the objectors know who it is and what he can do.

"Yes, I've noticed, but there's nothing I can change. Just want to focus on helping the team win.

And he can help the team win … his 13th goal came on last Saturday.

"I turned into the change and I think that their back will try to make a passport so I'm trying to wait until it arrives and kindly take a step forward and break the passport and then I tried to put it in the "corner corner" and … yes … went home.

Vancouver recently visited a heavy time and lost eight consecutive games before the game against Los Angeles on Saturday.

"As soon as you lose a game you want to win winning tracks and now we've been on track losses for a long time. So it was very nice to find a win again.

Garpenlöv is also good to show you.

-Yes hehe, came on the right game.

Tre Kronor and coach assistant coach Johan Garpenlöv, Elias Pettersson, won the game for Vancouver on his trip to Dre Kronor.

"It has detected the code with a blow and makes it unrealistic for the goalkeepers where the puck should come somewhere. It has timed and hit & The puck is at the right time and makes him get the puck away from the club. He uses the flexibility in his club and has two direct shots and a preferred wrist / pull arrow & goalkeeper and where it can control where it shoots.

But Elias is also very defensive, so says his teammate Alexander Edler:

"I'm really proud of how I want to learn to play safely and how to play here. It was a very positive surprise when it came straight away from it. A training camp. He knows what he wants and wants to be good, and he listens and tries to go well along the path.

And here is what Elijah says about:

"I'm just trying to think that good defense leads to good assaults. Although I believe as an offensive player, I am just as serious as defensive participation.

And what does he say about all the compliment that he is the best of the world in the long term?

"I do not read so much, I can hear they say, but it gives me a little weight. But I've always had pressure on me. And the biggest press I am; I put it on myself.

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