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Diary Sofia Wistam is the angels of Sofia – over the sadness of a mother


In the autumn of 2017, the 17-year-old Maria Ter-Borch, Fanny, went out with the mop and did not return home. Fanny killed himself in the forest.

In Monday, "Angel of Sofia", the family are getting help, and Fanny's sisters refurbish their rooms – something that the mother promised before the dragon.

In the program she talks about the program leader's daughter, Sofia Wistam, and she shows pictures of her daughter.

"I'm getting crazy when I see that picture, and I have not even met her," said Sofia Wistam, who is very familiar, she can not keep her tears back.

Feelings vary when Maria Ter-Borch tells of her daughter's death.

picture: Channel 5

"She had all her life in front of her"

"When you're just talking about it, you're feeling" oh, what's unnecessary. "It has been a whole life from front," continues the program leader.

"I know Fanny has been scared, but I can think" Why? "Suicide gives so many questions and debt. It's very bad to be without her. You lose her every breath. I want her to come back, I want my life back, I do not want it like this, "said Maria Ter-Borch unfortunately in the Channel 5 program.

Then Sofia Wistam needs to go out and collect, and cry as she tries to tell her how to feel after the conversation.

– There's so concise pain there, and to meet Maria who's missing words after her child … It's almost impossible to come in. The pain that she must feel, as he says in every breath, he must be completely awful. I have made the angels of Sofia for many years, but this was a senior job, says Sofia Wistam.

Angel angel is broadcast on Monday at 20:00 on Channel 5, and is available on Dplay.

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