Friday , August 19 2022

Destruction & Proceedings – Five injuries to hospital


oKerstin Nilsson

Two cars have a previous impact on road 83 in the south of Hälsingland.

Another car is also associated with the accident.

Five people, including two children, are taken by an ambulance to a hospital in Gävle.

The accident occurred between Böle and Voxsätter in southern Hälsingland at 18.15.

– It's a quite serious accident that contains three cars, says Pär Wikblad, who is responsible for the emergency services at Södra Hälsingland.

– Two cars have a previous impact and touch other cars.

According to Pär Wikblad, the accident has taken place on a 90 degree route.

– It was a bit moderate on the road, but not tight, he said.

An ambulance for the hospital in Gävle has taken five people in the two cars that have resulted in the foregoing.

According to Pär Wikblad, two of them are children.

– I do not know what the injury situation is, but my feeling in the first situation was that injuries were not so serious.

The road is completely, but the rescue is in place and the rescue service expects the road to be reopened for 20 hours.

There are so many traffic accidents happening annually 00:29

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