Tuesday , July 5 2022

DC requirements for M: Smaller immigration in the budget


The Swedish Democrats now place a clear demand for the Moderators.

Measures to reduce the number of asylum and family migrants must be included so that the party can support the budget of M.

Mattias Karlsson (SD) wants an agreement on migration to be in place – even before Riksdag's votes on Kristersson next week, DN writes.

Alongside the issue of government education, the dispute is about the Swedish budget. The budget vote will not be held until December, but it is already clear that the Moderators will put their own budget proposals. If SD and KD vote on it, he will win over the government's transition budget.

SD has previously opened to support a budget M. But the party is not going to do without securities.

1 or 3 | Photo: TT NYBYRÅN

Jimmie Åkesson, Swedish Democrats.

Group leader Mattias Karlsson (SD) tells DN that anyone who wants SD in a budget vote should be able to show measures to reduce the number of asylum and family immigrants.

"Main requirement"

What Ulf Kristersson has said in the foregoing that temporary shelter law will apply until a parliamentary inquiry into a migration policy is not eligible for SD support.

The party also asks for promises to reduce asylum migration measures.

"This is a major side of the side that can not be discussed or exchanged," Mattias Karlsson writes to DN.

Nobody can be sure of my support

He also wants to reach an agreement on migration before the prime minister's survey on Wednesday.

"The best thing about an agreement on these issues was in place even before the appointment of a prime minister. No prime minister who has not made it clear that you are prepared to meet us in this way can be sure of & # 39; n support, "Mattias Karlsson writes to DN.

Aftonbladet has tried Mattias Karlsson and Moderators.

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