Friday , March 5 2021

Damaging chemicals in Christmas lights – News –

Previously, the Swedish Chemicals Agency has examined sex toys, mobile cases and decorations. Now the journey has come to the Christmas lights.

Of the 96 products inspected, 14 products contained prohibited substances that exceeded the limit values ​​in the legislation.

Problems in the waste

He was mainly leading in pairs in chlorine soda and caffeine in cables and other plastic parts found. Cadmium and flames accidents were also found.

These gadgets are not dangerous at home, but these are closest to the problem at the end of their life. The products with lead and cadmium will be a problem in the waste line, "said Marcus Hagberg, inspector of the Chemicals Inspectorate.

And the result was really better than expected.

We scratch on the surface, but it's better than we usually see it, says Marc Hagberg.

Three tips

It has three tips for consumers to reduce the risk of buying something that is not approved.

You should buy CE labeling products, electronics sold in Europe must be marked CE. One can try to choose the cheapest products. And you can also ask the store to hear what they know about the product.

The Chemicals Inspectorate also examined electrical personal care products. Two of the 24 products inspected included lead in unauthorized levels.

The companies have given the best to sell products that have too high levels of unauthorized substances. The Chemicals Inspectorate has informed that it will not inform nine prosecutors for environmental crime suspicions.

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