Monday , November 23 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo chose after the post gesture against Atlético Madrid

The army raises Portugal for the ruling after tax fraud

oDaniel Sörensen

Cristiano Ronaldo held five fingers against the Atlético Madrid fans when they fed him this week.

Now his position was seen in Spain.

In the "Zapeando" TV show, the guests sent a great show to the big star about what he can do for a momentum next time.

Atlético Madrid beat Juventus 2-0 in the first final of the Champions League team between teams.

Supporters of the capital club themselves really enjoyed the crash of Cristiano Ronaldo – Wanda Metropolitan does not like Portuguese after his years in the Real Madrid competitive club – and took the opportunity to feed after the loss.

The star then responded by holding her hand and spread with her fingers, stating that he had won the tournament five times while Atlético Madrid was not earned.

1 out of 2 | Photo: NO CUT FROM "ZAPEANDO"

"It could also have used their dough"

The guest has now been skilled in Spain.

In Spanish, the popular TV show "Zapeando", hostess Cristina Pedroche and Anna Simon talk about Ronaldo's behavior.

– He really has won the Champions League five times while Atlético has never done so. And he has five Ballon's Gold, gold shoes and 200,000 other prizes. But no matter how big your room is, there's one thing that will never be able to get there … your ego, says Simon and leaves the floor to a guest colleague.

– It's not nice, is it not? But he could actually have used his feet, also to make another gesture, says Cristina Pedroche.

Then, she caught up to nine fingers by raising her two bare feet on the frontboard.

This summer was judged

– There are ten fingers plus five and four fingers, a total of 19. The same number of millions (euros) that he must pay back to the Tax Agency due to his fraud tax, he says.

As well as Ronaldo's attention factory, which, in addition to reducing rape payments, has become a focus of attention recently because it is ugly financially. During this summer, he was sentenced for tax avoidance and he had to receive a conditional sentence of two years and had to have to pay equivalent to the SEK 190 million in fines for the offenses.

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