Saturday , March 6 2021

Chinese twins can be world renowned children

On Sunday leave the Chinese scientist he Jiankui record a video where he / she claims that he is the first to manage using Crispr-Cas9 embryos who is now born. The children should be two twins and the aim was to give them resistance HIV infection. This will be he Jiankui have done gbut to pull out gene generating a port where the HIV virus comes in cells. It has turned to couples where one parent has been infected HIV.

In his video compare he Jiankuis The new technology with IVF and how it has been received has come today.

"He created the panic media around the first IVF birth, but for forty years, laws and ethics have evolved alongside technology, which has helped eight million children to come to the world. Another IVF development is Genetic surgery and it is intended to help only a small number of families, and says, and addresses the possibility of allowing children to be born without inherited diseases.

he Jiankuis engagement controversial, not least because of thattake tube property of the children who will then inherit next generation. There are other risks of redesign. Secondly, other genes can be deleted. Secondly, it seems to be a danger of having more space for other viruses, such as nilfeber. The question is also whether the parents knew all the risks and if the technology is very mature enough to make people try it out.

Outcome he Jiankuis Efforts have not been published or confirmed by independent sources, but said he was present at a conference this week. Chinese authorities say in turn they started to investigate the case.

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