Tuesday , August 16 2022

Care must be able to use digitization possibilities – Debate


This is an opinion material. The views presented here are the author itself.

There is general doubt whether the healthcare we feel can cope with future demographic changes, while there is a shortage of labor and skills in healthcare.

There is a general agreement that we have to renew the working methods. The hope is set for digitization and the assault waiting for the healthcare system, which may be the last industries going through such renewal. New IT systems in healthcare lead to far-reaching, but inadequate changes in the methods of working and the experience of the patient. The population must also have a good health longer in life and measures should be taken earlier so that those with risk factors for a disease can actually develop the disease.

Many people's lips have been preventative medicine for a long time, and success is being achieved today in risk patients, which are known by extensive and intense screening programs for resources, for example breast cancer and cervical cervical as well as arterial hemorrhoids. There are several such programs in the pipeline, including colon cancer.

Today's IT system, with powerful functions and opportunities that were unknown when patient and patient patient data was established in Sweden, made it possible to identify individuals in the population that are at greater risk than others to develop disease. It is also possible to follow how to implement preventative measures, for example, to ensure that patients with lighter types of kidney disease do not decline and they need to go into dialysis. Patients with chronic disease with modern technology can be supported and assist outside hospitals and health centers.

In 2014, a state inquiry was issued "Investigate the correct information in health and care", who proposed legislative changes to facilitate the transfer of medical information, for example between different healthcare providers within a region or within headquarters.

A number of referral bodies were wholly or mainly positive to offer the investigation, including Ivo, the National Health Board and the E-Health Authority, and the Data Inspectorate offer as a whole, "… on the basis of its task of ensuring that people are protected from their personal integrity are broken through the processing of personal data".

I would like to argue that the healthcare comes into the situation, the authorities need to try and find ways in which the care can use digitized possibilities and on the same when managing privacy and privacy at an acceptable level, but that there is a need to provide more room for discharge patients to control their knowledge and how it can be used.

We can not completely ignore the utility aspects when we discuss privacy issues. We must solve them differently than in current legislation. We can not afford to waive these opportunities to protect and keep health, be it from a humanitarian or economic perspective. We can not afford to get our offending so. Let's earn a good!

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