Tuesday , May 17 2022

"Captain Marvel" has the biggest bias opening this year | MovieZine


The Marvel film presents a magnificent estimate of $ 455 million.

Although boycott threats for the latest addition of Marvel Studios, "Captain Marvel", featured in the picture, the film visitors showed great confidence and curiosity for the movie. According to Mojo Box Office, the film has an estimated $ 455 million.

Of course, this will lead to the biggest opening of this cinema this year, but a film led by Brie Larson is also seventh in the list of finest weekends that save Marvel Cinematic Universe money. This is also the sixth largest weekend of time, writing Time.

The weekend revenue analysis shows that the US market accounts for 153 million, while international shows include a total of $ 302 million.

Surprisingly, the Disney studio is very proud of the opening result and says:

– With Marvel, there's nothing to surprise me. The supporters are loyal and Kevin Feige continues to present an incredible movie that hits diversity and lets everyone see themselves as superheroes, says the Disney dispatch manager of the Battlefield to Diversity.
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